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    Connection to computer


      ok i am not sure if i have figure this out quite yet. i understand the purpose of this is if your router is in one room and your slingsolo is in another that you can connect them through the wall.


      here is my question i have a slingsolo and slinglink turbo 1 port. the cable that im connecting to and the router which is actually a wireless router is connected in the same room.


      so i have solo going into my router and then the sling link going into the wireless router as well. the question is can you not then plug the sling link into the router then into the wall and then in the room across the way plug the other sling link into the wall and then directly into a computer?  


      can i not use it as a bridge between router to wall through house to other wall into computer? so basically it stops the computer in the other room in having to use wireless....?



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          Hi, crowninb


          The SlingLinks will allow you to connect the Slingbox to the router if both devices are in different rooms or far away from each other. However, you must make sure that both rooms go into the same electrical circuit, otherwise, the SlingLinks will not talk to each other.


          These links will provide you with all the information about the SlingLinks and how they work.


          SlingLink TURBO


          How it Works

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              just getting started and have not purchased anything yet. I need to send an internet signal from my basement where the cable modem/ internet access is to a remote room above my gagarge (My wireless router does not reach that far). i also want to send the internet signal in the room above the garage to both my wireless modem( which is an Apple Airport Extreme and thus has four eithernet "sends") and my Netflix box. The modem in the basement is already connected to a wireless router which serves the rest of the house nicely. So I am trying to create essentially a second wireless network from one source in the basement. I am a little confused as to what I actually need. Do I have the following correct:

              1. I need a Slinglink Turbo 1 box in the basement. I send the internet signal from the cable modem to the slingLink Turbo 1 box.

              2. I need a Slinglink Turbo1 ( or 4) box in the room above the garage. connect this to the outlet. Connect the Slinglink box to a Slingbox in #3.

              3. A slingbox to receive the the Slinglink Turbo 1 or 4 signal

              4. connect the Slingbox to a wireless modem such as the Airport extreme

              5. Connect the Airport Extreme to the Netflix box via ethernet

              ( question also would be do I really need a Slinglink Turbo 4 or can I just use the Turbo 1 with the Airport Extreme being used with the additional ethernet "sends")


              any response or help is appreciated;