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    Tivo Series 3 Remote:  No Control


      My problem is that I cannot get remote control working for my Slingbox PRO-HD.  From any client.  The Web setup pages.  The Mac client.  The iPad client. 


      Before performing the latest slate of upgrades my Slingbox PRO-HD worked nicely with my Mac.   Using the Mac client software I could control everything fine.


      When I go to the "configure my slingbox" setup pages on the web, when I get to the remote control section it correctly displays what looks to be the correct remote control, but none of the buttons on the web-displayed-remote are enable for me even to push.  It's as if some switch is flipped off which is disallowing all control of my device.


      I can view video just fine from these sources.  I just can't control it.

      The IR is plugged in and hasn't changed since before the latest upgrades killed me.


      Can anyone provide pointers to what might be going on?