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    slingbox with 3d vision nvidia


      hi, my name is marco.I have a slingbox pro, i live in italy. I want stream the MY video stream in a external video player( nvidia stereoscopic player) because i have sky 3d connected to my slingbox. Please tell me a solution to view a direct url of my slingbox video streaming......

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          Hi, bruco1987


          First, we recommend you to verify if this device is included on the supported devices list, checking the following link.


          Finding your video source


          If it is, you only need to set up your Slingbox for Internet Viewing. Then, you must go to www.slingbox.com and click on the "Watch" tab at the top. Just make sure to follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to get your TV signal using your Slingbox through the web-based application.