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    hooking up question


      Lets see if I can paint a picture here, for ya'll. I have two slings on the same network, both work excellent. I have one hooked up to my DVR (they are both solos) then plugged into my local internet. The other I have in my shop same local internet, hooked up to my security system (as a work around to propriatary software) now that one I WAS using to 'dial' in and view my security cameras. I no longer need it in my shop.


      That said, I have two dish network recievers one is a dvr in my room with the solo hooked up to that (I can dial in and watch tv with my cell phone  or laptop no problem), the other dish box is in the living room. I am dumping that box and some other features to save money with dish. Keeping the dish dvr in my room, dual out for the kids room. Since, I have local net access at the tv in the living room, I am wondering if I can just plug the spare solo into my local net and pipe the video out to the tv in the living room? I understand that if this possible, what I am watching in my room will be all I can watch in the living room, since it is a 46" LCD, sometimes it is nice to watch it. BUT don't watch it enough to justify the extra dish expense. I could control the second solo from my computer in my room. IE dial into my account or something.


      Or would I have to have a 'dedicated' pc/laptop with a net switch hooked up to both in my living room with the 'video' out going to my t.v.?


      Sound wierd? it does to me also, I am just trying to wrap my mind around the mechanics. In the shop that solo is just getting a video signal period, no video out (except for setup of course).


      Thanx for any ideas.


      Oh if you need a drawing I could create a visio and upload it as a PDF.