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    Customer service sounds so bad...should I just return?


      We are having issues with slingbox setup and as I look for answers here all I see are complaints about customer service.  We have not been able to contact them via phone or chat.  In fact, when trying to contact them via phone, we get a message re: their hours (which indicate they should be open) and then the phone disconnects.  I notice that after 1 year you have to pay for customer service...could that be right?  I am thinking we will return tomorrow.  It's a great idea, but our satellite provider provides a similar (though not as good) service and so does Tivo (again, not as good).  At any rate, with customer service being so poor, I don't see any reason to continue with them.  Am I off base?

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          You have to pay for support after 90 days. I don't think their support is bad, some things may be more complicated than others. Quite a few people have complained about paying for it though.

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            i am heartbroken about this device.


            I purchased mine 90 days ago, but for 3 weeks i have been abroad. As you said it should be better to ring on return..  On the 89th day i rang them, eg yesterday  i got through to a guy on reception.


            I spoke to a guy who picked up the phone, he said he couldnt help he just works on reception. What is he doing there then?  you come through to me becuase all the tech guys are busy.  I can arrange a call back though for you. What is the problem ? He cant help but now asks questions.

            I tell him that yes the lights are on. And he will get someone to call me back in 45 minutes.  Guess what it is now 24 hours and no call.


            I see so many bad reports about this company, and i would to post a postive response.

            now it is 90 days but only 89 days old when i rang you up for help..


            if you  want me to purchase a policy then they are in breech of cosumer rights.

            The product you buy has to be fit for purpose and if it dont work it aint,


            The product when working was brilliant please help me


            Please call me as promised 00447976 431141