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    Pro-HD COAX Analog Channels no video


      I have read a few other discussion similar to my question but no answers.  I have a new Pro-HD and it is hooked up to my Comcast cable via COAX.  The Pro-HD scans and finds all of my channels.  I can see and hear my HD channels (4.1, 7.1, etc) but only get audio on my "analog" channels (4,7, etc).  Is this a problem with my configuration or with Comcast and the way they send their signal.  I have an analog TV in my basement that can display those analog signals fine, for reference.


      I bought the Pro-HD just so I didn't have to use a cable box.  Please tell me I didn't waste some extra money.


      Edit: My normal channels (4,5,7, etc) are analog channels.  My "." channels are my digital channels.  I am seeing 270+ Digital channels.  I have not verified yet, but I suspect my analog channels also have a digital counterpart.  For example, ESPN is on channel 11 with no HD counterpart.....but may have a digital counterpart.


      Edit #2:  I have hooked the Pro-HD up to my 3250HD cable box using both component and composite and get audio only.  Is it possible I have a broken Pro-HD????


      Thanks in advance.