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    Directv receiver HR24-100 not listed for setup in Slingbox Pro-HD?


      I just hooked up my new slingbox pro-hd and going thru the setup I can't find the correct receiver to complete the setup process.  My receiver is a Directv HR24-100.  I have tried all of the other's listed that gives one the correct remote and all of those listed under "Other" that give you the correct remote but I have only had luck as far as getting video and being able to control the receiver.  I have had never been able to find one that completes the entire combination in the sense that I am able to get any type of audio at all.


      I have had success with the configuration I have with the exception that this time I have replaced the directv receiver from the old HR21 to this one and and old slingbox av model with the new pro-hd.  Everything else in my network is the same.


      I know that some have a HR24-500 series but I double checked and mine must be an older series receiver or something but it is works with my Samsung 55" 3D LED HDTV.


      Anyone have any suggestions I would appreciate it.  Had I known this...??? Thanks in advance.