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    Pro-HD losing connection


      I've had a one version or another of the slingbox since it's inception and been generally very happy. However, after the recent firmaware update to the Pro-HD my slingbox is all but broken.


      My issues are this:


      I will watch for a short period of time and all of the sudden the picture will freeze.  looking at the "buffer" and "kbps" indicator, the buffer will all of the sudden drain and I have to disconnect and reconnect to start watching again.



      After several times reconnecting all of the sudden the Pro HD will cease to communicate with any of the clients (slingcatcher, iphone, slingbox.com)

      and I get "sorry, the slingCather could not connect to this slingbox due to a network error....."

      When this happens I have to restart the Pro-HD by unplugging it.


      This is really frustrating, and I hope we can find a solution to this soon...