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    Applescript App for Slingbox.com

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      What this is:

      This is a series of commands that can be turned into an applescript or an application.


      Wny you should use it:

      You don't want to fight with Sling over the Mac app.

      You want an icon in your dock for watching TV.

      You want the size of your TV screen to be the same every time you click on the dock icon.

      You use Safari or Chrome for general web browsing, not Firefox.


      How to make it it.

      1. Open AppleScript Editor

      2. Paste the code below into the Untitled window.

      3. Choose File menu, "Save As..." and pick a title and location, change the file format to Application, and leave everything else unchecked.

      4. You now have an app you can put in your dock.

      5. You must log in to your Slingbox in Firefox by hand one time before using this app


      How to modify.

      You can open your app any time you want with AppleScript Editor

      The numbers specify the size and location of the browser window.

      370 is distance from left side.

      140 is distance from top.

      1380 is horizontal size.

      870 is vertical size.

      "Click button" hides the Navigation and Bookmarks toolbars.

      Changing "Firefox" to "Safari" in all three places might work, but I haven't tried it.




      do shell script "open -a Firefox http://watch.slingbox.com/watch/sideview?playerType="

      delay 7

      tell application "System Events" tell process "Firefox"


      click button 4 of window 1

      set position of window 1 to {370, 140}

      set size of window 1 to {1380, 870}

      end tell

      end tell

      tell application "Firefox"


      end tell