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    slingplayer on iphone 4 not working please help


      i have a slingbox solo (only 3 months old) connected to a verizon fios router. everything used to work fine until a few days ago, now when i use the slingplayer app on my iphone 4 it does the usual "locating.." "starting.." then the screen goes black with the buffering circle in the middle and gets stuck there. i have tried letting it load for over 15 mins still nothing. Let me add that this is at home with a wifi connection and all my slingbox software is up to date as well as using the new 2.0 version of slingplayer mobile. I know its not my slingbox or connection because it still works perfectly fine on my computer. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. One more thing that i forgot to add, using the phone app when i try to change the channels that still works, i can see the channels change on my tv but there is no picture on my phone.