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    Slingbox Detected - But Connection is Lost


      I have had my slingbox for 1 year and it has worked until 2 months ago where it said the connection was lost. I was away from home and just got back this week to fix.  I reset everything and the slingbox was detected. I have gone through the setup requirements under the "Watch" section and it has asked me to update the slingbox.  During the update, it finds the slingbox, downloads software, erases software and then gets stuck when it begins the updating software secion of the setup.  In the end, it states that it has Lost Connection to the Slingbox, but when I try to run it again it finds the connection instantly.


      I've also tried this under with the SlingPlayer itself.  I downloaded the slingplayer and under it's configuration requirements, it seems to cutout in the exact same place, close to 55% in during the process. If it is a connection issue, it's seems odd that it keeps dying in the same place. I know that wireless connections can drop briefly for less than a second regularly, but don't understand why the update process wouldn't be able to keep reloading if this happens, compared to the downloading and erasing part of the configuration.

      Any one else having this issue?  I'm in serious need of help.