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    IR Problem using two DirecTV DVRs (HR20 and HR22)


      I recently replaced an HR10/250 DVR (Tivo style) with an HR22/100 to go along with another HR20/700 DVR that I also use.  When setting everything up for proper remote control, the HR20 was designated as unit 00001 and the HR22 as unit 00002.  My DirecTV DVRs work fine because the remote control must output the unit number along with the normal IR stream so that each DVR knows what it's supposed to respond to.  Now I'm trying to reconfigure my Slingbox Pro to do the same thing.  I see options for some devices (Tivo DVRs) that seem to be for a similar situation but I didn't see options for the HR22 and HR20 that are for multiple units attached to the same Slingbo Pro.  Can anybody help me out with some good advice?