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    blinking network light on pro-hd


      My slingbox pro-hd will not connect to my network and the network light keeps blinking.

      Here's what I have tried so far:

      reset the sling-box to factory settings

      swapped out all the LAN cables

      bought a new power adapter (6v, 2.5amp)


      the slingbox is physically connected directly to the router and it will not work. I have other devices (desktop PC, PS3, wireless laptop) connected to the same router with no issues.


      still the light keeps blinking.


      sounds like i need to possibly mess with my router settings or I have a defective slingbox. if it helps, I have a linksys/cisco WRT120N router. I have played around with the router settings a bit, and I am far from an expert on such matters, but it hasn't helped so far.


      any suggestions?