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    Newest SOLO firmware doesn't support DVR on iPhone???


      I have been using a Slingbox AV as a front-end for my DirecTivo for years and loving it. Even though it's not technically supported, it has been working great with my iPhone via Slingplayer Mobile. When 2.0 came out, I was so impressed that I decided to upgrade to a SOLO for the better picture quality.


      However, I lost one of the best features of the new iPhone version when I moved to the SOLO. The SOLO refuses to believe that I have a DVR hooked up as the input. On the iPhone, the DVR now appears as the first item in the Guide and as an icon on the control bar (the icons should read Favorites, Remote, Guide, DVR, Quality and Options.) With the SOLO, I get no DVR Listings entry in the guide and the DVR icon is replaced by a Previous channel icon on the bar. This is ridiculous, as I haven't watched live TV in years - I need to get to my TiVo menu, not the previous channel.


      I just got off a long and very frustrating call with support who told me that the removal of the DVR button was a design feature that was done away with in the latest version of either the Slingplayer Mobile app or the SOLO firmware. (the stories changed between rep and supervisor) And that the only reason that I saw it on the AV was because it wasn't a supported product. Now I don't believe that Slingmedia would have the DVR icon and DVR Listings option show so prominently on the iTunes App store screenshots if this were the case. I was told by both rep and supervisor that those are old screenshots and just marketing materials, not what the application would look like. (even though it looks and works like that on my AV.)


      Can anyone confirm that the SOLO does support the new DVR features? Is anyone using it with a TiVo based DirecTV receiver?


      Any hints or suggestions to get this working would be very much appreciated. I'd like to keep the SOLO, because the picture quality on the iPhone is very, very nice - but unless I can get to my DVR menu with ease (currently the TiVo button is buried in the All section of the Remote) I'll prefer to return it and go back to my AV.