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    SlingPlayer 2.0 and 2.0.1 bugs

    Morac Newbie

      I've found the following bugs in the new SlingPlayer:


      1. Using remote commands in HQ mode doesn't cause the application to  rebuffer.  As such when the buffer is very large, as it is over 3G, the  result of a remote commands take upwards of 30 seconds to display.  For  example seeing the result of changing a channel can take 10 to 30  seconds.


      2.  If you open the Guide and select a channel and then later open  the guide and close it without selecting a channel, the app will change  to the original selected channel.  For example, open the Guide and pick  channel 200, then manually change to channel 100.  Then open the Guide again and choose  close.  The app will change to channel 200 even though you didn't select  that.



      Other issues I've seen is frequent rebuffering over 3G in HQ mode even when the SD mode options screen indicates >500 kbps bandwidth.  It would be nice if the bandwidth was also shown in the HQ options screen.