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    Ports... 5001 not the only port in use with Slingbox ID


      I have a Slingbox Solo that is configured with a LAN static IP address.


      From my iPhone I can watch TV from anywhere over 3G without any problems.


      I do not have any port forwarding from the WAN to the LAN configured for the SlingBox, but it still works fine remotely on my iPhone.


      Recently, I have setup outbound filtering (LAN - WAN) on the firewall (Business class firewall), and the Slingbox app stopped working remotely.  No problem I thought and allowed ports 5001 TCP and UDP outbound through the firewall.  Still no connection.


      As a test, I allowed all ports outbound through the firewall again and the iPhone app works again.  To repeat, I have no port forwarding (WAN - LAN) for port 5001 in place.


      So by this test there is clearly another port that is required outbound for the iPhone app to work in this method.


      What is that port/s??

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          I have a similar issue to this, but I do have 5001 both UDP & TCP in my inbound firewall(Netgear FVS338) rules directed to the SlingBox which is on a static local IP and I cannot get it to work, I still get the connection failed error.Ido have all ports allowed on outbound rules

          I have placed the SlingBox into what is effectivley a DMZ with all inbound traffic  allowed to go to it, and it works with no issues

          it would be logical to assume that more ports are in use than 5001