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    Problems remotely viewing Slingbox Pro


      I am having issues viewing my Slingbox Pro which is located in the UK. I am in the US at the moment and it frezzes.


      The Sling Box Pro in the UK is version 1.4.20 it is connected to a Sky HD


      The Sling player is version


      The slingbox in the UK is connected to 50Mbps downstream / 10 Mbps upstream fibre broadband service.


      One of my friends has connected to it in the UK and it all works fine.


      I am in the US and I can connect to a friends slingbox Pro HD version 2.1.80 also located in the US fine. I am connected to a 15Mbps cable connection which apears very fast. I have tried wired and wireless.


      My Slingbox Pro says firmware is up to date and also my Slingplayer


      This all worked fine in the summer, but I fear it is now running newer software, nothing else has changed


      Can anyone help solve my problem.