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    (Slingbox Solo) Can't connect after software update


      After i updated my slingbox software i can't get an connection. My slingbox is placed in Sweden and i live in Spain. I had an repair guy looking over my slingbox and it works as it should, so does my internet connection in Sweden. Here in Spain everything is okey both with my slingplayer software for my PC and my internet connection works properly.


      But it wont connect. I find my slingplayer and everything. I try to connect but the connection fails. I get this error:


      • Error: 0x92370001
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:110



      So after the october 30 it stopped working because i had an electric cut-down in my apartment in Sweden. After that i updated the software and it has not worked since then.


      Please help. Thanks.