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    Slightly different spin on the HDMI TV connection question


      I have a cable box (SA8300HD) with Time Warner Cable that I am connecting to my TV via HDMI.  Reading posts that some providers might not allow component connections to function in this configuration, but would allow S-Video, I attached my Slingbox to the S-Video output of the set top box, and it worked fine yesterday afternoon, and all night last night.


      Today, when I connect to the S-Video input on the SB, I see a notification that the device attached via HDMI does not support HDCP (or that this support cannot be determined).  I get this whether the 8300 is off or on (I can power it on via the SB and hear audio).  The only difference today  vs. yesterday is that the TV is not on.


      Could it be the case that because the TV is off, the 8300 somehow knows the HDMI cable is attached to something, but cannot figure out if it supports HDCP, and so it is closing up shop, so to speak?  If so, is there any way to take one of the IR emitters I am not using and position it so that it will reach the TV, and then somehow turn the TV on?  Seems ridiculous to have to do that, but it sounds like, unless I want to ignore the HDMI connection and slide back into the early 90's era of technology (component), that's what I will have to do...


      I may be completely wrong in my interpretation.  Most posts I read seem to suggest that you can't use analog and digital connections from the set top box simultaneously, with some providers.  In my case, I have seen this work, but only when the box can be comfortable that the HDMI connection is with a HDCP compliant device (i.e.: when the TV is on).


      Thanks for any help.