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    Internet viewing set up error

    spartanrob Newbie

      I'm getting the following error.  the port forwarding is set up correctly, any suggestions? (i'm on ATT Uverse with the 2Wire 3800 HGB v router)


      We've looked at your network settings and see that you should make some  additional changes on your network router if you want the best remote  viewing experience from any of the following SlingPlayer products:

        • Re: Internet viewing set up error

          I know it's been a long time since the OP asked about his problem, but I'm getting the same problem and same message.


          When I click NEXT I get a screen with the settings for the Manual Router Setup.   The IP addresses look fine and the Port is indicated as 5001.


          I went through the port forwarding process on the ATT U-Verse (Uverse) 2WIRE 3600HGV.


          But I still get stuck in the endless loop.


          BTW, on the TV connected to my SlingCatcher the message I get "unable to connect to the Slingox due to a network error".


          Internet viewing works fine on my Mac.


          What do I need to do to have my Slingcatcher error resolved?