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    Component feed blanks only when playing pre-recorded DVDs

    psidnell Newbie

      I've been using my slingbox solo for a couple of weeks with no problems using my PVR via the composite/scart adaptor that it ships with.


      Today I tried setting it up to additionally take a component RGB feed from my DVD player (Panasonic DMR-ES20D) which initially seemed to work fine.


      When the DVD player is displaying it's menus or is playing a non commercial DVD everything is OK. However, the moment I load a commercial pre-recorded DVD the video blanks out. If I use the scart this doesn't happen (but I want to keep my PVR on that input). My tv doesn't blank out when taking a feed off the same cables.


      Sometimes I get to see a frame or two of the video before the slingbox gives me a blue square telling my the inputs are incompatible or unsupported (or something like that).


      The moment I eject the DVD the video comes back.


      Could there be some sort of DRM detection going on over the component leads or something more subtle?


      Thanks for any help.