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    Remotecontrol for Humax CXHD-3000T


      I cant get my Humax CXHD-3000T to be controlled by the Slingbox. I have tried the 1-15 code alternatives in the setup with slingbox for mac, and the web version. I cant get any reaction on any button. I have restarted the slingbox, reattached the IR cable. I have also used a digital camera to see if the remote control diodes lights up when pushing a virtual remote in the slingbox application, and they lights up. But the lightstrenght is much less than the real remote from Humax.


      Any idea what to do?


      I found a humax cxhd-300T file on the net, but I dont know what to do with it. Se attachment.

      Please help.


      Regards Nicolay


      (love the slingbox, used it with a grundig pvr, but need to use it with the humax instead.)