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    What sat receiver should I buy?


      Hi there.


      I'm currently using the US model of the Slingbox Solo. I hooked it up to my network home in Germany and everything is working except that my Strong receiver is not supported.

      I generated a custom remote control on remotes.slingbox.com.

      However this remote can only be created with a Windows PC and since I only use Mac, I generated the remote with a very old notebook I have as a backup if a PC brakes. Unfortunately, my generated remote is only available on that dedicated old machine, but on none of my Macs.


      For that reason, I decided to buy a brand new SAT receiver that is fully supported by my Slingbox Solo or can you give me support how to bring my custom remote to all my machines?


      So, please help me and give me a hint, which is the best SAT receiver that I can get in Germany and is supported by the slingbox?


      Thank you,