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    Does the SOLO output an HD signal?


      Now I have read the FAQ and the main page for the solo....


      Main Page: "Easily connect the Slingbox SOLO to practically any one of your home-theater devices and watch your standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) TV shows..."



      • "Can I send HD video from my Slingbox SOLO?
      • No. The Slingbox SOLO accepts HD component signals at 720p or 1080i and down-converts them to standard-definition (SD) resolution before sending the output over the network. However, when appropriate, a Slingbox accessing component video input maintains anamorphic resolution with progressive scan and sends video at a higher bitrate than SD content for improved picture quality..."


      Now since it down converts it to SD and its a little better then SD when received, you're really not receiving the HD/720p you put in. Even though there is no real HD scale chart, but doesn't HD start at around 720p. Thats what I pay for when I watch my HD channels from my cable company.


      So is "a higher bitrate than SD" really being able to watch my "HD TV shows..."?