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    Connecting to SlingBox with MAC


      I have had a slingbox pro HD for about two years and 6 months ago my mac stopped being able to connect to watch.slingbox.com. When I connect it says and error has occured do you want to retry.  The weird part about this is I can connect from a windows pc or an iphone without a problem.  I have the lastest firmware installed on my slingbox.  Is there anyone that has any clue why this is happening?

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          Sounds like you will need to call them and pay them to fish into your comp.. think i need to do the same thing... keeps asking me to upgrade EVEN after i did the upgrade

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              I am having the same problem.  When I go through VMWare and Windows 7 via the slingplayer software I have no issues and can get download speeds of over 2mbs.  However going through firefox and Slingbox.com on my Mac (brand new) all I get is W202 errors.  And yes, the mobile version in my ipad seems to work fine.   This seems to be a Slingbox.com issue to me.  Any ideas?

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                  I have a similar problem. I cannot connect to my Slingbox via the new browser based client for Mac. I can connect just fine via the Sling Player mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.  I'm on 10.6.6 and I have set Safari to 32bit mode prior to doing this.