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    Windows Phone 7 Slingplayer and the Sling Adapter for DISH Network 722 DVR




      I currently have a Samsung Focus WP7 and a 722 Dish Network DVR. Is the new Sling Adapter device compatible and able to stream content to the Sling Media's Slingplayer app for the WP7 currently selling in the WP7 Marketplace for $30?


      I have already contacted Dish Network technical support and they sent me back here because they have no idea whatsoever if it could work. Also, they don't offer support for the WP7 Slingplayer app currently offered by Sling Media becasue it isn't a Dish Network product. Please don't tell me you don't offer support for the Sling Adapter device because it's a Dish Network released product.


      So, can anybody tell me please if the Slingplayer app for WP7 is compatible with the new Sling Adapter from Dish Network? If it ain't, are there any plans to make it compatible in the future? I would like to be able to use the Sling Adapter instead of the Sling Pro-HD or Solo because I'm already a Dish subscriber and also it provides better integration and features with this particualr DVR than the Slingplayer app.


      Any help and/or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.