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    Will someone just tell me what the default admin password is?? please


      I bought a Slingbox Solo used, and I can see the device on my network, but every time it tries to access the settings to configure it I hit a wall with no password.  There are 50 discussions about setup and the need for a password, but no one ever says what the default admin password is.  I don't see it anywhere in the documentation I got.  They make this look like a plug and play device..... not.


      Thanks to anyone out there that can help,




      Just to clarify, I have reset the slingbox solo.  I load slingplayer and via the menu connect to slingbox.  It shows the slingbox ID fine.  I have tried to simply add a password with login as admin checked and it accepts it, but when I go into setup, it shows the cable picture in the little window, says "starting" but when I hit continue for it to get AV setting etc., it just says the config failed with a Red X.  I have tried to use the new web setup process and it just gets to the place where it demands a password


      I would rather shoot myself than try to access slingbox support... any ideas would be appreciated!!