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    Some HD channels no longer working --frustrating



      So my Slingbox Pro-HD has been working fine since I got it about 6 months ago, in both the online and software versions. However a few days ago the video for select HD channels just stopped working -- the audio works, however there is no video (note: it doesn't say "weak or no video signal" either - it's just a completely black screen with audio). This is happening on ESPN, ESPN2, NESN, NFL and TBS, among others, while other HD channels work just fine.


      This problem is particularly perplexing because of this: for some reason, if I turn my TV display on physically, the HD channels I metioned above will start working again. Then, when I turn the TV display off, the HD channel you happen to be on will continue working until you change the channel and go back, at which point I get the same audio with the black screen.


      One thing I have noticed is, on the HD channels that do work, it starts out at low kbps and quickly goes up to more than 3000 kbps. However, on the channels where I'm only getting audio, it starts out at low kbps, starts to go up, but once it gets to about 180 kbps it stops, and actually starts going down, settling at around 118 kbps or so. Weird.


      I tried reconfiguring the component input, but that didn't work. Then I read that if you get a new router you should reset the slingbox (got a new router about a month ago, didn't reset the slingbox then however it has been working perferctly for the last month so I can't see how that would play into this), so I reset the slingbox however am still facing the same problem. I can't for the life of me figure out why select HD channels are working fine with the TV physically turned off, while other channels (namely, the ones I like to watch!) will only work when the TV is physically turned on. I'm hoping minds greater than mine might be able to help me out with this one, as I've searched the questions extensively but haven't found anyone with the same problem yet.


      Thanks so much,



      technical specs

      Have Comcast Digital Cable Box RNG110 (though I set it up with RNG100 since they don't have 110 available...and it's worked fine since August)

      Connected using component cables

      Updated to the newest firmware, which I know has been causing problems, a few weeks ago however things didn't start to go south until just two days ago

      Haven't really changed anything else, which is why it's so frustrating. Wondering whether there is a defect with the Slingbox itself or perhaps my ethernet cord, which is pretty old. But still, why would some channels work fine in HD and others not?