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    Bought 1.3.  2.0 not showing as an update.


      Hey there.


      I bought a Slingbox Solo and the Slingplayer Mobile back in Aug of this year and I love it.  I see that there is a version 2.0 now, but it only has a purchase price, not an update option.

      I know that the iPad app was a different product because of the HDness and I paid for that seperately, but is the iPhone 2.0 app another pay?  I currently have 1.3.


      I have the receipt from iTunes for the purchase, but they sent me to Slingbox support.  Slingbox online chat support says that since I bought the app over 90 days ago, they can't give me support.


      My question is simply is the 2.0 an UPDATE or a new app that -everyone- has to buy again.  If it is an update, then there is a problem with my phone license?  Maybe delete and resync the app?


      What do you think?