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    Audio pass thru OK, but no audio stream on Slingbox

    Sugith Newbie

      I recently switched TV providers.  My old digital cable box (Scientific Atlanta) worked well with my Slingbox Pro-HD.  But Slingbox Pro-HD does not stream audio from the new IPTV box, (Motorola ViP 1200) Video and channel changing works well.


      Audio does get passed through the Slingbox to the TV.  I am using Stereo L/R into Slingbox Pro-HD and from Slingbox to TV.


      I have tried all the troubleshooting I can find on this site.  (Non-Slingplayer audio works fine on computers, iPhone, iPad, that I use Slingplayer on.)


      I updated firmware prior to connecting the new box, so I do not know if that caused audio to fail.


      I'm not sure what to do next.  Please advise.

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          Had the same problem.  It's a mess up with the slingbox programming.  If you are using the HD signal and the component cables you must use a digital audio cable (single cable, usually orange).  If you have to use the composite cables for the audio (2 cables usually red and white) then you have to use the same cable for the vidoe (usually yellow).  Essentially if you don't have a digital audio out on your hd box then you can't get hd from the slingbox and get audio.  To test this, hook up the red and white audio and the hd picture component cables.  Under setup see if you have a picture with the component cables and no video, then select composite and see if you have sound but no video.  I hope you have a digital audio out on your box.

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            I also ran into the same problem.  What I figured out was that in the Web setup you do not have the option of audio inputs.  If you download the slingplayer application, and run the setup you can configure which of the audio ports you want to use.  Mine was obviously set to the digital and I changed it to analog.


            Mac Player     Windows Player 2.0.4


            You can definately run the HDMI at the same time.  Strange that they would not include this in the web setup.


            Also you can configure the volume, I had the slingbox classic and the audio was way louder.  I could not figure out why, but when I looked at the setup with the separate app, I was able to configure that too.


            Hope that helps.