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    iPhone 4 and Sling Pro HELP!!!


      I bought the sling pro app about two weeks ago. The first week I had it, I was able to connect to the sling pro with no issues over 3G. And now I am having streaming issues over the network. It works fine when I'm connecting on wifi, buts it's the 3G that is giving me issues. I have done the port forwarding on my router, reset router, and I even did a hard reset on the slingbox. This issue even started before the slingpro app update. It eithers stuck on optimizing or when it does connect the kbps is really low like 8 kbps. I did a speed test on the area and and well above the minumum for the slingbox to run. Can anyone help me.  It's getting frustrating. Thanks!

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          Hi, bbasuil1


          As the first step, we recommend you to use a different port number (443 and 8080 are good options). Then, we also recommend you to make sure you have Internet access when using the 3G network.


          We recommend you to follow these steps and let us know how it works for you.