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    SlingBox PRO


      Hi got some questions, might just be me and lets just hope that is the case


      Bought a PRO a couple of month´s ago. Havent used it more than unpacked it and plugged it in to the power socket. Downloaded the software to my iPhone 4 and connecting worked like a charm.

      Now just purchased the mobile software for my iPad and it wont work. Get an error message telling me " SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is not compatible with your slingbox. Please visit slingbox.com to learn more about our upgrade program"

      So off i go to slingbox.com and there is a button right there on how to upgrade your slingbox firmware to use with iphone and ipad.

      I follow the link and does the hole story on setup.slingbox.com and then i press on "check for updates" and it tells me its up to date!?!?
      Please dont tell me SlingBox have been that stingy so you have to buy the HD to be able to use the ipad app i just bought from iTunes for a arm and a leg.........



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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          It's clearly stated you need a SOLO or Pro-HD.

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              It's not clearly stated in your product description. You should state that the pro is not compatible with iPad. You shouldn't need to have to scan the entire website to discover this. I've just been stung too. And just to rub it in I've been told you wont even make the pro HD available in Oz because our bandwidths don't support HD streaming, what a laod of nonsense. How many more discruntled people need to write in before slingmedia start doing something to rectify this, surely a firmware update is not impossible.

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              Yeah, stung me too.

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                Hi, TimEskilsson


                The main issue is that the "Legacy" Slingboxes (Classic, TUNER, AV and PRO) do not meet the requirements to stream the HD signal when using the iPad application.


                The following link will provide you with the related information.


                SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad

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                    it would be nice if Slingmedia get the Slingplayer Ipad Version working on a Slingbox Pro.

                    Taling about HD Signals is ridiculous since you need upload rates of more thane

                    3-4 Mbits and private Households does have a maximum Upload rate of 1 Mbit.


                    Nobody expects HD quality with 1 Mbit upload rate. So a standard SD quality would be

                    also fine on the Ipad instead of a black screen!!!



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                    Same here!!!


                    I upgraded from a Classic to a Slingbox Pro to get my Slingplayer working on my Iphone and Blackberry one year ago.


                    Now they want me to upgrade again to Slingbox Pro HD to use my Ipad .


                    I paid £17.99 and assumed my Slingbox was new enough or just needed a firmware. I feel conned by SLing!


                    Come on Sling get us SLingbox Pro users working on the Ipad app!!!!!


                    The Slingbox pro takes HD inputs and is capable of good defintion on a Lan (over 2000kps)


                    This is not a techical issue it is just Sling trying to sell more Slingboxes :-(



                    Regards Disgruntled Sling Box Pro User in the UK

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                      Count me in on the "Disgruntled Sling Box Pro Users" group. I bought a stand for my ipad, as I use it more and more for watching TV and streaming media, and thought I'd buy the ipad version of slingplayer mobile while I was at. Instead of enjoying a fullscreen TV experience I was met with the upgrade message. Instead of being a firmware upgrade, as I assumed, it was a discount offer for a new slingbox, and to top it off, only available in the US and Canada! What an insult to someone buying an expensive ipad app that they can not use with a device labeled "Pro". And I guess there is no way of getting the money back?

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                        Hi. Does anyone knows how to redownload the sling app? I changed my blackberry for an Iphone and want to redownload the app with paying for it again...thanks!

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                          I didn't want to upggrade my from my slingbox hd just to use my ipad, i have a iphone so i redownloaded my iphone app to my ipad for free and it works pretty well. Do not think it's a hd picture bt it works fine for me for now till i go buy a new slingbox.  i figure it pays to waite till the new slingbox is released instead of buying the ones out for a while just for it too be outdated in a few months.


                          i hope this helps some of you guys out.    iphone app will work.  


                          It would be nice if slingbox allowed you to upgrade from iphone app to ipad app for free   hint hint to sling people

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                            Anniel Newbie

                            I feel so cross!! I bought the slingplayer Mobile  for iPad from the Apple Store for my iPad. It now tells me my Slingbox Pro is not compatible with my with the slingplayer for mobiles.


                            So I should have read the small print, but I still think it is a con. I only bought the slingbox in November 2010 and I cannot afford to buy another.So that is £17.99 down the gurgler.


                            I do have an iPod Touch. Can I use my purchase on my iPod and if so, how do I do it?


                            I am in the disgruntled camp.



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                                If you explain everything to the iTunes store support, you should get your money back - I found them very helpful. You can then buy the iPod version, which also works on the iPad - but in that case, the video will display in an iPod-size window surrounded by black. There's a button you can press to fill the whole screen, but the quality is not great as the enlarged picture has no more information than is in the small one.

                                I'm disgruntled too, but it could be worse.



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                                    Anniel Newbie



                                    Thank you for your advice. I did contact iTunes and they have credited the money to my account. I will now plug in my iPod to iTunes and buy the SlingMobile player.


                                    Forgive me for asking but how do i get the programme onto my iPad....I am new to this kind of thing. Do I just plug in my iPad to iTunes and find the programme there?






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                                  I have enjoyed the Slingbox Pro with HD feature and HDMI ports for 2 yrs.  I bought the Ipad and have been watching my slingbox pro with my ipad from 5/1/11 up until yesturday 5/23/11.  When  I attempted to use my slingbox pro on my ipad today 5/24/11, I kept receiving an error message that said my ipad was not supported with the slingbox pro.   I strongly feel there should be updated firmware to allow older versions of the slingbox pro.  The mislead feature of the slingbox pro is that it has an HD feature.  On the Slingbox pro the features include HDTV and a HDMI port, therefore if they are still being sold in electronic stores, why is it that I can't use it for my Ipad.   Hmmm...... I wonder how certain authoritive agencies would free about the slingbox pro being available with HD features, HDMI ports as the most current slingbox box, but only the latest version of the slingbox works with the ipad.  Sounds like a bait and switch to me to make money and take advantage of people during a recession.

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                                      Have you not seen "you must upgrade your Slingbox", what does it mean? You have to buy a new Slingbox, not upgrade the firewire. I have a Classic and it will not work with Ipad. I can´t stream HD quality, If I´m around the word I´m happy if is possible to download 250 kb/s.