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    Remotes.sling uploading problem


      First of all I'd like to thanks Alan for is really helpful answers.Because I didn't understand everything about creating custom remote and also because I don't have needed harware to do so, I've tryed the remotes.slingbox.com site. Really simple to use and powerfull ( Thanks to SlingMedia team ) and even if even I can't change the design of the virtual remote it's ok for me ( If Slingbox team could upgrade their site to do so, it will be great ) My problem is a bit strange. When I use the web site I can program almost every button on the virtual remote.Then I click  "I'm finished " and I get confirmation of uploading for my new remote. But when I look at the virtual remote on the web watch app or even with the slingplayer ( windowsXp ) the remote design is a little bit different ( jump button is not at the same place, a mute button appears.. ) wich is not a big problem but THE problem ( finally ) is that some programed button stay gray and I can't click on them ( Menu, Guide CH+ CH- ) even if during the creation those buttons were ok during test.

      If anyone have a idea or solution I will be grateful.