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    Slingbox Adapter/VIP 722 - Limiting TV1/TV2 Options


      We have a minor problem -- the VIP 722 with the Slingbox adapter is working great btw -- but oftentimes someone will start watching away from home while someone else is watching on TV1. When this happens, our viewing is stopped and the other person takes control of TV1.  I'd rather have the away from home viewing limited to TV2 only.  Does anyone have an idea how this is done?


      Thank you.



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          Interestingly enough, my tv viewing is limited to TV2 on the slingbox and on devices. I want to reverse that to TV1. Same deal, just the opposite.


          Any thoughts?

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            You might want to try logging into your Dish account, and from there you can log into "Dish Remote Access".

            Once there, go to Preferences tab (upper right hand side) and there you 'might' be able to see your Sling Adapter and change your ViP722's settings to output to TV2.


            I said 'might' because I have the ViP 722 and a SlingHD Pro. I was amazed once I logged into Dish Remote Access and saw that I could add my SlingBox's ID# under preferences. Once I did that, I had the choice to choose the TV output. My only issue now is not being able to change the TV2 remote (but that's another topic).


            So, I wouldn't see why a connected Sling Adapter wouldn't have an ID# to add and give you the TV1 or 2 output option.


            I'd like to hear if this works. I am planning on adding a Sling Adapter (TV2) to my ViP722 along with the SlingHD Pro (TV1). Do you see where I'm going with that?

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              Just FYI for anyone getting to this point ...


              Sling Adapter vs Sling Box ..... the adapter is designed and sold to be compatible with specific Dish Network receivers only.


              The SlingAdapter is a USB connected stream processing card.


              By *current* Dish/Sling design, the adapter is linked to the TV2 output and controls.  Current Dish Receiver firmware and SlingAdapter firmware are supposed to cause the dish receiver to switch into DUAL mode, and commendear the TV2 outputs for itself.


              Thus, if you're on current firmware (as of Feb 2011) you should only be able to use the Sling Adapter on TV2's controls.  The problems of course, are for any timers you have set, even if TV1 is not in use, will normally default to TV2's tuner, and so if you're on a remote SlingAdapter connection, you'd be forced to watch what was being recorded off tuner 2, rather than getting the option to switch to tuner 1 on the sling adapter.


              There are a great number of people that would like this whole thing to work automatically ... to go to the unused tuner ... but getting something like this from Dish is worse than pulling healthy teeth.