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    Help with my Linksys Router


      I have a solo and my power supply adapter was bad. As soon as I changed it the Network light stopped blinking and stayed red. I uses sling for about 5 years on the same router. I can't connect thru the Internet but I can use in on my home computer that the solo is attached to. When I do the setuo it can't see the router. I looked under gaming and Sling is there and port 5001 is there and os there. I changed cables and did a reset as per instuctions. There is a Block Anonymous Internet requests and there are 2 choices enable or disable. . Not sure where to set it to. It's hard because the computer I use is at work and the sling is home. I don't know how to test it at home over the Internet. I can not connect from work and I know thru the set up that the device can't see the wireless routher. Which is the same router used for years. I am confused as to solve the delimea.