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    Latest PRO-HD firmware sends 720p video streams (ClearQAM) as 1280x544


      Despite support for 1280x720 (720p) video streams in the Slingbox PRO-HD, as of the most recent firmware update (2.1.80) the Slingbox has been opting to send 1280x544 video and as a result, trimming the bottom of the image. If you force-set the resolution in SlingPlayer from Automatic to 1280x720 it will use 1280x720 resolution, but then this degrades 1080i content if you change the channel. See the attached pictures for a comparison. Note how the 1280x544 video clips above the bottom of the closings overlay. The 1280x720 video does not do this. Does anyone have any insight into a true fix for this; or does anyone from Sling know if this will be fixed in the next firmware update, and when that firmware update may be coming?