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    No Bitmaps for Dutch Channels to add to favorites


      I am using the Slingbox Pro HD in the Netherlands. I am watching it via the Coax cable and via Mac, Windows laptops as well as via the Ipad.


      I was disappointed to see that from my available channels only a few bitmaps are available to create a favorite. As an example,

      Channel 1, 2 and 3 and Net5 are available, but RTL4 SBS6 and RTL7 are not. Neither are BBC, ARD, international channels that are available in Holland.


      On the Mac, I can add bitmaps by downloading them from the Internet. On the Ipad I can create Favorites but I am unable to add bitmaps or names to a favorite. So 9 out of 10 favorites have no name or bitmap. That makes channel changes a difficult task.


      When will you add the pre-loaded bitmaps and names for all normal channels in the Netherlands? Missing are:






      ARD (Germany 1)

      ZDF (Germany 2)

      BBC1 (UK 1)

      BBC2 (UK 2)
      EEn (Belgium 1)

      CANVAS (Belgium 2)