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    Unable to edit Favorites in new iPhone/iPad player


      I have tried on both my iPhone 4 and iPad to modify the Favorites but I get the same error on both.  At the very least I 'd like tohave the Favorites numerically ordered.  They seem to be random.  I'd love to have different favorites for each device.  I have both Tivo and DirecTV sources.  The TiVo does not receive the HD channels while the DirecTV DVR does.  So the channel lineups are different.




      I have both a SOLO and a PRO-HD.  Both have been updated to the latest firmware.  It does not seem to matter if I am connected via local WiFi or 3G.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Hi, cersos


          The following link will allow you to get all the support options for the iPhone / iPad Favorite channels list.



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            Hi cersos,


            I have had the exact same problem for a while now. I thought it may have been my iPhone install. I just recently deleted all settings and data from my iPhone 3G, installed Slingplayer, and I can't edit any favorites. I get the same error "Favorite update failed".


            What's more, I can't find where to edit my favorites on my PC. I use Slingbox's online player, and there is no obvious place in the setup or otherwise. Am I completely missing something?


            Not that it's relevant to this forum, but I just installed the latest online Slingplayer ActiveX for IE9 (version 1.5.1118), and it's much worse than the previous version. It's a lot more jerky, not smooth when the window loses or gains focus, and on my laptop, it no longer streams smoothly on an HD channel. Ugh! I watch mostly NHL hockey in HD, but it was working so well, until last week (5/5/11).


            Oh well, I'd still love to edit my favorites somehow.