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    Favorites do not work on iphone/ipad




      I have a Solo with a dedicated Samsung dcb9401R cable box.


      Works fine on PC , fixed network and wifi, home network and outside.


      IPad and Iphone apss work fine on wifi (both home network and outside).

      (ipad works fine on 3G too - see related post - iphone does not work on 3G)


      For both ipad and ihpone, I have an issue with the favorites: it just doesn't work!
      I'm doing it exactly as it is described

      - but I get only selection of channels to choose from

      - channels don't change (stays on same channel

      - or I get a totally different channel than the image / description says it is (e.g. fav icon says Film1 but I get BBC1)


      please help.

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          Hi, ACC1245966


          The following link will provide you with all the information you must know about the Favorite channels list on the iPhone / iPad Mobile application. 



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              Thanks but that was the original question.
              It does not work like in the faq.
              I only have like half of the channels to choose from and the favorite icons I select either don't work or link to the wrong channel.
              Most of the time nothing happens after selecting a favorite.

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                  Hi, ACC1245966


                  In this case, we recommend you to uninstall and reinstall the SP Mobile application on your iPhone / iPad and as the next step, create the Favorite channels list running the SlingPlayer application on your computer. Then, test the application on your iPhone / iPad.


                  Make sure to follow these steps and posts your results.

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                      Not sure what you mean.


                      I have created favs in the Samsung cable box menu.

                      That works in the sense that I can switch channels using only my fav channels.


                      Not sure how I am supposed to create favs in the webbrowser slingbox app except for the above favs in the Samsung.


                      Delete / re-install of the slingbox mobile player on iphone/ipad has no effect.

                      The player works fine just the favs don’t work.

                      I get a list of available channels but that seems a random list.

                      It is not all my channels and it is not the fav list of the Samsung.


                      And either way – they don’t work.

                      If I select them, nothing happens (no channel change) or I get switched to a totally different channel than the icon / fav is.


                      If this is not clear, I guess I can do a little recording with the iphone on the ipad usage but I guess the question is not too hard (maybe the answer is…)






                      On top of this all: I totally lost PICTURE on all my slingbox apps. iphone, ipad and Windows7/IE. I can login, I see the channel change / EPG from the Samsung cable box. I sometimes see subtitles. but I don't see video anymore. Black screen. It worked perfectly not too long ago. Only thing that changed is the new iphone/ipad apps but those worked fine too before. HELP!

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                  I have the same problem with the iphone, adding favorites is not possible, no channel list or hearts on the edit favorites screen. don't slingbox monitor these post and add and fix these issues? after buying an app I expect it to work. poor effort slingbox! thanks
                  anybody got a fix for this. I have already uninstalled and synced the app twice