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    Video plays then stops for a 1 or 2 seconds


      I have a slingbox Pro-HD w latest SW as of 12/13/2010, using Firefox/3.6.13 web plugin with Snow Leopard.  I get video then it stops then plays continously.  It worked great yesterday at 2:00pm AZ time.  However tonight is glichy, i had this problem before but the update and switching to the web broswer resolved the issue.




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          The Firmware to my SlingBox Pro HD finally got downgraded to the 1.3.170 several days ago. No more freezes.  Yay!!!


          The procedure is actually quite simple once you find and install an older version of Slingplayer and get some old firmware files.


          The pre 2.0 version of Slingplayer doesn't prevent you from installing an older version of the firmware like the newer versions do.


          If you want to give it a try the following links will give you more info:






          Do a web search for "Downgrading SingBox Pro HD Firmware" for more info.


          The 1.3.170 firmware version isn't in the list.  Install the highest numbered firmware in the list using the pre-2.0 version of Slingplayer and then upgrade from the SlingMedia site.  It should ask you to upgrade to 1.3.170 before it asks you to upgrade to 1.4.60


          The downgrade process took about 90 minutes to complete, probably because I was using an older computer on my network. I didn't want to have to uninstall the current version of SlingPlayer to install the older version and then re-install the current version, so I used a computer I never use for viewong the SlingBox. Just don't cancel the process once you stat it. Upgrading to the 1.3.170 version afterwards from a more recent computer only took a couple of minutes.


          As much as I would rather have a box which works with the latest firmware, the SB PRO HD I have is satisfactory with v1.3.170




          I downgraded my slingbox to 1.4.60 mis-read this post. but so far it works better if I have any additional problems, I will try 1.3.170.