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    Remote no longer controlling Dish VIP 722 DVR


      OK, this one has me stumped.  I have a Dish VIP 722 DVR and a Slingbox Pro-HD and its been working great for a year.  However, recently the remote stopped working.  I changed no configuration and in fact have gone back and rechecked everything.  In setup, I reselected the preloaded 722 settings as well as the 622 setting (as some folks suggested).


      I rechecked my Dish Network menu and it does show the IR set to channel 1, which is what it was always set at.  From another board, I saw that channel 1 is required.


      When I push a button on the remote, it does get sent to the box, but the box isn't reacting.


      I'm stumped, the only thing I can think of is that the IR blaster is broken?  It used to work!  Argh...very frustrating....


      Anyone have a thought or solution?