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    iphone 4 will not connect / display tv on 3G, PC and Ipad fine




      I have a  Solo on a dedicated Samsung DCB9401R cable box.

      Works fine on my PC at home (fixed network and wifi).

      Works fine on my iPad at home and outside (wifi AND 3G)


      but my iPhone4 only works via wifi (both at my home and other wifi locations).


      Nothing to do with signal strenght, I think, both are on Vodafone NL.

      Like if I sit at my office desk, the iPad works fine and fast.

      The iPhone gets stuck in 'optimizing 0%' most of the time.

      After 5 min or so, it sometimes gets to 25/50/75 % but then times out.

      If it does make it to 100% and a TV image is shown, the image is frozen and nothing else happens (no moving tv images, no channels change).





      Dec 14 2010

      I get an 2.0 update of the iphone app from app store.

      that seems solve the main problem, 3G works now too.


      my favorites problem remains, still don't work in the new app



      and probably personal - but why is the iPad app so different from the iphone version? I like the the 'remote' / dpad is so much easer to use than the weird 'all around the edge'design of the ipad app.