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    Slingbox set-up now not working


      Hey guys,  I set-up internet viewing on my slingbox pro in the UK 2 years ago, however I've since changed internet provider and modem (Virgin Broadband in the UK 5MB upload by the way), but now I'm having trouble setting it up again. Would appreciate some help. This maybe due to the new router or some rookie mistake.



      1. Even after resetting the slingbox pro I still get one red flashing light on the box – meaning sometimes it cannot connect to the router (DLINK 615 v2) for some reason. For set-up, The slingbox is connected to the PC via an ethernet cable.  I've tried turning off the modem, and the slingbox. Occasionally it'll stop blinking, but not consistently. The only other thing I have on the network is a PC using wireless connection.  Any idea how to quickly stop the blinking slingbox light?


      2. When I try and set it up , I can see my satellite box, however when I get to the last stage for setting up internet viewing it fails. My modem is not listed, so I try and congfigure manually. My questions:

      1. What do I need to do to try using it with UDP?

      2. If that is not possible and I have to use TCP, I'm having issues with the instructions here: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DIR-…..ingBox.htm specifically if you scroll ot the last image, when I pull down the dropdown for "select your computer" I cannot see my Slingbox there (even when there is a solid red light on the slingbox.).

      I also can't remember if I need to enter in a new IP address for it and if so what i enter.

      Thanks for any advice