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    Strange problem


      I have been using my Slingbox Pro for one and a half year.  A year ago I switched from PC to MAC OS-X.  The player had some quirks on my mac - I had to go to the slingbox directory and select edit and then change either from direct connection to using slingbox id - but it worked and I was happy.  A couple of weeks ago I moved my slingbox to another place.   Which obviously had another internet connection - in other words IP adress.      When using it locally on the same network - the slingbox works OK when doing internet viewing.   When using it from remote - it does connect (now and then) and when it starts streaming (or optimizing) nothing happens - there is no stream coming in.


      My Slingbox PRO is (and have always been) connected to a Sattelite box with HD output.  I have therefore alway got a message stating that there is unsupported stream (1080p) coming - but that did not seem to stop it from working - when it worked.


      Now  - also the slingplayer has stopped working when I am not on the local network.


      The obvious problem would of course be that my IP address was not open on port 5001.  However - when I started my old PC - it worked like it should - on the outside of my LAN. 


      FYI I am using Firefox when using the internet plugin..


      Trying to contact a technician to tell about my troubles is difficult - I have now been "waiting for a technician" for about 1 hour on the "chat with sling".


      I am also wondering about where it is possible to send in an error report - which is why I post this here.