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    Slinglink to Slinglink not working


      I have had this issue in the past and I ended up getting one of the slinglinks replaced.  I'm thinking that's probably the problem but without paying the rip off fee of $30 yet AGAIN, I can't be for sure.  Here's my problem:


      Slinglink 1: All lights green

      Slinglink 2: Power light green, network and link light flash


      I've tried the same outlet trick, the reset trick and everything else recommended.  These have worked in the past so I know it's nothing I'm doing wrong.  I have this brand new $300 slingbox that i was to activate but it's going to be returned if I can't get these slinglinks working.  I was told to activate the slingbox and then they would help me.  I do that and then I can't return it.  I just get so frustrated with money hungry customer support.


      Anyone here have any thoughts?