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    Pro-hd, qam and cable systems


      We have an internal cable system at work which has analog and hd qam channels.

      In order to set up the tuner i had to select cable no box as the option and then select a cable company.  However, our channels don't match the cable company layout.  So i selected one (rogers cable) anyway.


      Then it scans for channels. It finds about 85 analog and 15 qam (and the 15 show as viewable)


      So now when i select this cable input with sling viewer, and i try to channel up, when it hits one of the qam channels - the steam freezes "optimizing", and the sling box disconnects, the network light goes out on the sling box and the it then completely reboots.


      Is this because the channels I have don't match the channels as laid out in the selection of rogers cable??


      Any ideas?

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          Hi, nstaite


          We encourage you to check all the connections (especially the coaxial cable on the back of the Slingbox), then run the detailed channels scan and use the web-based application through www.slingbox.com in order to complete this process.


          Make sure to follow these steps and post your results.

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              I have completed this process and have the same problem.  A co-worker also has this same problem with his slingbox.


              To be clear.  The box is connected by Coax.  But it is an in-house cable system (not something like Comcast, Time-Warner or Rogers).  Whenever I select one of the QAM channels on our system (they are in the clear, not encrypted), my slingbox reboots (as does my co-workers).


              I don’t know if maybe it is because I have to enter a zip/postal code to get a program guide?  Since our system doesn’t have a program guide I had to select a normal cable company.  Is it possible that because the digital channel I am calling up is not mapped in the program guide – the box reboots?