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    Request: Support older Slingbox hardware with SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7.


      I'm a fan of the Slingbox hardware and software, I show it off to folks all the time.  Or make that I *showed* it off to folks all the time.


      I'm at a loss as to why the Windows Phone 7 version of SlingPlayer Mobile does not support the older Slingbox hardware.  I'll concede that there's some functionality that will not be available unless I happen to upgrade to a Slingbox Pro-HD.  I can make my peace with not having a *real* HD signal that is 1080i unless I upgrade from my Slingbox Pro...


      However, has anyone posted any logistical reason (I imagine many of us here are pretty tech saavy), why it's not supported?  I've seen it mentioned a number of times that it *doesn't* support it, but not really *why* it doesn't support it.


      IMHO, $280 ($250 new Slingbox Pro-HD + $30 "new" license, since it's impossible to transfer the license if bought from the Sling Media store) is a bit much to pay for something that used to work just fine.


      If there are other of you out there that feel that this support should be added, by all means speak up...  Otherwise, they'll just believe that this isn't a compelling feature and won't spend resources making it work.