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    Wireless bridge


      Recently installed an HD Pro but am having trouble with one particular computer that is behind a wireless bridge. Slingbox works fine with other computers not behind this bridge. Strange thing is that even this particular computer will connect with the Slingbox perfectly well, but if I connect to the box and then disconnect, I have to reboot the slingbox to get it to reconnect. Happens with both the stand alone software as well as the browser based viewer. Everything else on this computer works fine; can stream music and video from it to PS3 and XBox and the SqueezeBox server always works as advertised. It's only the Slingbox that doesn't work when trying to connect, but only the second time you try to connect following a Slingbox reboot.


      I've looked pretty extensively for the answer and came up empty, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.


      BUMP obviously, but will add some in hopes of help.


      The error is the "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again.". If i power cycle the slingbox it connects again without any trouble. This is all on the same wireless network that everything else works fine on. Any ideas or help would be great, otherwise this box may have to go back.


      Thanks again.