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    invalid sling id


      I can remotely view my slingbox from multiple networks, so long as I use my laptop and the slingplayer software...when I try to add my slingbox to the web directory, I get an invalid sling id error. I don't understand what I am doing wrong...my sling id is A904EC5D911F27499EC8911B63965C37.  I have verified that it is registered, but every time I try to add it, I get the same error.  I have to say that sling's technical support is very frustrating and confusing.  I just upgraded to a slingbox solo so that I could access sling on my ipad.  I never had a problem with my slingbox pro on my iphone, butnow it won't work with the new slingbox.   This whole experience has sucked.  I'm ready to return the thing and get my money back.