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    Some buttons not working.


      I am having issues with buttons not working using the Windows phone 7 sling player.

      I'm using AT&T U-verse model number IPN4320 made by cisco.  This PVR is not listed during the setup of the slingbox.  I used the Motorola ViP 1216 (PVR) instead.  In internet explorer, this works perfectly.  The virtual remote looks the same as mine and ALL the buttons work as they are suppose to.  On the windows phone 7 app some but not all buttons work.  Buttons not working include recorde, info, and back.

      I'm using the HD7 and HD Pro.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hi, humhead


          We recommend you to uninstall and reinstall the application. Then, run the Configure Video Sources process once again and make sure to select the right make and model for your DVR. Keep in mind that even though you can use an alternative IR Code, some features might not be available since your DVR is not a supported model.


          Try it out and let us know how it works for you.

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              But wouldn’t the same IR code in the Web client be used in the mobile client?   If one works they both should be working.


              I have tried all the uninstall, reinstall, reset, update, reconfigure, stand on your head stuff.  Didn’t help.


              Thankfully Nino (Product Manager for SlingPlayer Mobile on Windows Phone 7) contacted me and ran some tests.  He said the soon to be release update to Windows Phone 7 client will fix the problem.  I’m hopeful.

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              The Update fix my problem.  Thank you Sling Support!  You rock!

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                I have a similar issue. The Page Up/Down keys for the guide don't work right for my AT&T U-Verse. However, if I then go to the MISC area and press the Channel Up/Down keys, it presses the keys correctly (Those are also Page Up/Down). On the desktop software, when I try and use the generic remote, I can't press the Page Up/Down keys, as they are also the Channel Up/Down keys on the regular remote.


                Is there any way I can remap those keys as Page Up/Down? Its annoying to use the Misc menu to try and navigate the guide, as all those other buttons cover the guide area.